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Vasaras skola koru diriģentiem

No 2. līdz 5.jūlijam Ogrē jau otro reizi notika „Vasaras skola koru diriģentiem”, ko organizēja Latvijas Nacionālais Kultūras centrs, sadarbojoties ar Ogres Kultūras centru. Idejas autore un iniciatore, kā arī vasaras skolas programmas veidotāja – virsdiriģente Aira Birziņa. Nodarbībās p...

In Latvia in June retail trade experienced annual increase of 2.8%

Data of Central Statistical Bureau show that, compared to May, the total retail trade turnover in June 2014 dropped by 0.4%, according to seasonally adjusted data at constant prices. Retail trade in food products reduced by 1.8%, whereas of non-food products - rose by 0.4%.

EUR 275.9 million surplus in state budget at the end of H1

A surplus of EUR 275.9 million was run up in the consolidated total budget in the first six months of the year, informs LETA reffering to the Finance Ministry.

Modernizing transport: European priority

The European Commission selected a total of 106 projects that will benefit from over €320 million in EU support for improving transport infrastructure across Europe. The funding will support projects announced by the Commission in 2013 and is effective through “Trans-European transport network (T...

”Karavela” increases profits by 62% this year

Fish processing company ''Karavela Ltd.'', which produced the ''Kaija'' line of canned fish products, has so far this year increased profits by 62 percent when compared to the same period last year, as well as achieved a 12.5%increase in turnover, informs NOZARE.LV/LETA reffering to the company.

“GlaxoSmithKline Latvia” achieved EUR 17.17 million in turnover last year

The pharmaceutical company ''GlaxoSmithKline Latvia Ltd.'' (GSK) achieved EUR 17.17 million in turnover last year, informs LETA reffering to ''''.

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