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Cargo turnover at Klaipeda port and Butinge terminal decreased to 3,4 mln tn in November

The total throughput of Klaipėda Port and in Būtingės terminal in November of 2013 totalled 3,4 mln tn of seaborne cargo. The cargo handling turnover in Klaipėda Port in November of 2013 reached 2,6 mln. tn (the year-on-year change was -15,2% or by -462,3 thou. tn.), meanwhile -0,8 mln. tn of cargo were handled at Būtingės terminal (the year-on-year change was -13,9% or -124,2 thou. tn), informed BC marketing specialist at the port Jurga Daujotiene.... Read more...

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