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Estonia’s Government Teeters on Verge of Collapse

Two of three parties governing the small Baltic nation have broken off their coalition agreement, leaving Prime Minister Taavi Roivas exposed to a vote of no confidence in the country’s Parliament.

Outstanding Issues: A Yemeni Teenager’s Trip to Estonia, by Way of Guantánamo

The reporter Charlie Savage wrote about an ex-Guantánamo inmate’s resettlement; the story didn’t end when the article published.

In Estonia, Caution but Surprising Cheers for Trump’s Victory

Leaders in the country’s capital may be terrified, but on the Russian border people hope Donald J. Trump can lower tensions between Washington and Moscow.

U.S. Lending Support to Baltic States Fearing Russia

Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia are keen to accept help and are shoring up their own modest defense capabilities. But what happens when President-elect Donald J. Trump takes power is an open question.

Senators Reassure Wary Baltic Nations That U.S. Won’t Abandon NATO

The three Baltic nations, all members of NATO and fearful of Russia, were alarmed by Donald J. Trump’s criticisms of the military alliance.

Two Border Cities Share Russian History — and a Sharp European Divide

While attached to Russia by ethnicity and emotion, residents of Narva, Estonia, say they would never actually want to live there.