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Split Up by Holocaust, Top Collection of Yiddish Works Will Reunite Digitally

The YIVO Institute for Jewish Research, now in Manhattan, and the Lithuanian government have agreed to let the surviving YIVO do...

Draghi Praises Lithuania as Economic Example to Europe

The Baltic country overcame a brutal economic downturn in 2009 to become one of the fastest-growing members of the European Union.

Lithuania Feels Squeeze in Sanctions War With Russia

The former Soviet bloc country depends heavily on its status as a transportation hub for Russia-bound goods, including its own agricultura...

House Hunting in … Lithuania

The capital city, Vilnius, is steadily becoming a more international market, though the vast majority of buyers are still Lithuanian, according to brokers.

Draghi Sees No Risk of Eurozone Bubbles

Mario Draghi of the European Central Bank told the European Parliament that “conditions that accompany the creation of systemic bubbles” do not exist.

Financial Futures Pioneer Honors Japanese Consul Who Saved 6,000 Jews

Chiune Sugihara, the Japanese consul in Lithuania, defied his government to issue transit visas that saved 6,000 Jews.